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Atlassian Confluence wrapped in a Docker image
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Atlassian Confluence in a Docker container

This is a containerized installation of Atlassian Confluence with Docker, and it's a match made in heaven for us all to enjoy. The aim of this image is to keep the installation as straight forward as possible, but with a few Docker related twists. You can get started by clicking the appropriate link below and reading the documentation.

If you want to help out, you can check out the contribution section further down.

I'm in the fast lane! Get me started

To quickly get started running a Confluence instance, use the following command:

docker run --detach --publish 8090:8090 cptactionhank/atlassian-confluence:eap

Then simply navigate your preferred browser to http://[dockerhost]:8090 and finish the configuration.


This image has been created with the best intentions and an expert understanding of docker, but it should not be expected to be flawless. Should you be in the position to do so, I request that you help support this repository with best-practices and other additions.

Travis CI and CircleCI has been configured to build the Dockerfile and run acceptance tests on the Atlassian Confluence image to ensure it is working.

Travis CI has additionally been configured to automatically deploy new version branches when successfully building a new version of Atlassian Confluence in the master branch and serves as the base. Furthermore an eap branch has been setup to automatically build and commit updates to ensure this branch contains the latest version of Atlassian Confluence Early Access Program.

If you see out of date documentation, lack of tests, etc., you can help out by either

  • creating an issue and opening a discussion, or
  • sending a pull request with modifications (remember to read contributing guide before.)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is made possible with the great services from GitHub, Travis CI, and CircleCI written in Ruby, using RSpec, Capybara, and PhantomJS frameworks.

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Comments (24)
20 days ago

I have error:
The Java Version and Vendor health check has failed in your system.
How i can resolve it?

3 months ago

This helped me tremendously, thanks!

5 months ago

Can you share your Dockerfile with me? I'm trying to build a confluence container to run local that is the same version as what I'm currently hosting. I have a Postgres container that mimics my database. I'm developing a backup validation that's easy to perform once a month. My email if you don't mind sharing your Dockerfile. Thanks ahead of time. Your image is nice, I just need the same thing but more specific to version for my validation testing.

7 months ago


I have a question, I want to start automaticaly my confluence container but with systemd it's not run, with docker start namecontainer it's ok.
When I run systemd script I'm staying in shell. Can you help me?



7 months ago


I want to make confluence run over https behind nginx. It looks like I need to make some modifications to /opt/atlassian/confluence/conf/server.xml file in order to make this work. Is it safe to mount the installation directory? Or maybe I should just try mounting /conf folder? Or maybe make modifications every time I run the container?

Could you please give me some clues here?


8 months ago

the openJDK is not supported. Can you please change to java jdk?
Thank you

8 months ago

Do you use this with the embedded database or with an external one? Any recommended setups or other external database containers which work good with this one?

9 months ago

Postgres 9.6 is not yet supported for atlassian right now.

See here:

10 months ago

I used navrocky's docker-compose configuration and had to figure out two things:

First, the postgres section's environment variables need to use equal signs instead of colons...

  • POSTGRES_USER=confluence
  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD=confluence

Second, the correct database setting should be (JDBC)...

  • Driver Class Name: org.postgresql.Driver
  • Database URL: jdbc:postgresql://confluence_postgres:5432/confluence
  • User Name: confluence
  • Password: confluence

The database host needs to match either the IP or the name of the database container, which I figured out after much trial and error.