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Short Description
Generate flame graphs from the Docker daemon's pprof endpoint.
Full Description


Docker Torch builds flame graphs from pprof output from a docker daemon.
It uses to read pprof data into a flame graph and to provide workload against the Docker
daemon to measure.


$ cat stress-config.json | docker run -i --rm cpuguy83/docker-torch --host <host>:<port> --concurrency 8 --containers 2000 --time 60 > torch.svg

That will create 2000 containers with a concurrency of 8 while reading the
pprof output for 60 seconds output an SVG to stdout. If -t is reached it will
stop creating containers.

Usage of /opt/flame-on/flame-on:
  -concurrency string
        max number of concurrent operations to Docker (default "1")
  -containers string
        number of containers to run (default "1000")
  -dockerversion string
        specify the version of Docker client to use (default "latest")
  -host string
        host:port to use to connect to docker
  -kill string
        time to kill a container after it is executed (default "10s")
  -time string
        amount of time to collect data (default "30")

Docker Torch does not spin up a Docker daemon for you, you must do this and make
sure to listen on a TCP port without TLS.

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