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Teamscale supports your team to analyze, monitor, and improve the quality of your code.
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This docker image provides a Teamscale server.

This image contains Oracle's JDK, so you have to accept the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement to use it.

Additionally, individual Teamscale versions are not compatible and need explicit migration and reanalysis. Hence, no latest tag is provided but you have to manually define the version you are using.


To use the image, you need a license file, which must be placed in /opt/teamscale/config. An evaluation license file can be obtained here.

The easiest way to run is using a docker-compose.yaml like this:

version: '3'

    image: 'cqse/teamscale:3.6.0'
    restart: always
      - /local/data/test1/storage:/opt/teamscale/storage
      - /local/data/test1/logs:/opt/teamscale/logs
      - /local/config/test1/
      - /local/config/test1/
      - /local/config/common/cache4j.config:/opt/teamscale/config/cache4j.config:ro
      - /local/config/common/
      - /local/config/common/teamscale.license:/opt/teamscale/config/teamscale.license:ro
      - /local/backup/test1:/backup
      - "8080:8080"

Until Teamscale version 4.0 the Teamscale server runs as user teamscale. Starting from 4.1 the server runs as root. Make sure that the directories for the storage and log directories are writable.

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