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The purpose of the DelugeWebUI image is to provide you a seedbox by using deluge and it's webserver for a simple use.

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For the first run, before to use the seedbox, we need to download the configuration file for deluge and it's tools.

To make sure you you see the variables to adapt according to your host system, I typed them into brackets.
e.g. : Replace [CONFIGPATH] by /home/yourname/deluge/config and [DATAPATH] by /home/yourname/deluge/data.

  • First, we're gonna need a folder to store all the configuration files from deluge.

      mkdir [CONFIGPATH]
  • Then we need to download the core.conf file from the repository.

      wget -O [CONFIGPATH]/core.conf
  • You can also do it manually by creating the [CONFIGPATH] folder and downloading this file in it.


  • After doing the initial setup explained before, now, and for the further uses, just run this command-line to start the container.

      sudo docker run -d -p 8112:8112 -p 58846:58846 -p 58946:58946 --name=deluge -v [DATAPATH]:/data -v [CONFIGPATH]:/config -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro crazybud/delugewebui

Have fun

And now, open your navigator and type this in the adress bar : http://<host ip>:8112.<br/>
If you installed this container on your desktop just type http://localhost:8112 or click here

Default password is deluge.

That's it !!!

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