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Graphite is a popular open source graphing library for numeric time series.
Most people use it for server monitoring. This is based off smartprocedure's
fix for evarga's graphite Docker image.

Differences smartprocedure's Docker image:

  • Better support for external volumes for persistence
  • More logs are exposed as volumes

This image is only for local development only. Although you can provide a lot
of your own configuration, many other configuration options, notably the Django
SECRET_KEY, are unchanged.


Default login info is root/root and can be changed in the Django admin.

Example Graphite Lifecycle

Based on the names and examples establied in the makefile:

  • The name of the container is graphite
  • External volumes are stored in in $HOME/volumes/graphite

Get the default configuration and database

You'll need the conf and storage directory from the image. You can edit
these configuration files and reuse them between containers.

docker run --rm --name tmp-graphite crccheck/graphite \
  tar -c --directory /opt/graphite conf storage | \
  tar -xv --directory $HOME/volumes/graphite

Make a container

The only thing special is all the volumes. Because the image has so many ports,
I don't bind them to localhost and just connect directly to the container.

mkdir -p $HOME/volumes/log/apache2
mkdir -p $HOME/volumes/log/supervisor
docker run -d --name graphite \
  -v $HOME/volumes/conf:/opt/graphite/conf \
  -v $HOME/volumes/log/apache2:/var/log/apache2 \
  -v $HOME/volumes/log/supervisor:/var/log/supervisor \
  -v $HOME/volumes/storage:/opt/graphite/storage \


Get the IP of your Graphite container:

docker inspect --format '{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}' graphite

And connect to it with your web browser.

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