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Dashboards for Prometheus.



$ bundle exec rake


$ RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake karma:run


JSHint is run against all pull requests. To shorten the feedback loop, it is recommended that you run JSHint locally.
With NPM installed, install and run JSHint:

$ npm install jshint -g
$ jshint app/assets/javascripts


Development Mode

Install gems:


Set up your database:

cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml
RAILS_ENV=development bundle exec rake db:setup

Start the Rails server:

bundle exec rails s

Production Mode

In production mode, you need to define a number of environment variables to
configure the database parameters:


Create a self-contained Ruby environment and precompile assets:

make build

Run the production server from the bundled environment:

bin/env bin/bundle exec bin/thin -p $PORT start

Deploy with Docker

To deploy PromDash with Docker, use the prom/promdash.
By default, the image will start the thin webserver
webserver in production mode. To run rake tasks like migrations, you
can specify any kind of command as parameter to the Docker image:

docker run -e DATABASE_URL=... prom/promdash ./bin/rake db:migrate

Deploy behind a reverse proxy

To deploy PromDash behind a reverse proxy you can set a global path prefix
using the environment variable PROMDASH_PATH_PREFIX. Once set all URLs will
start with the given prefix.

Deployment Checklist

Before deploying a new version of PromDash, follow this checklist:

  • Study what has changed since the last deployment:
    • Do any migrations need to be performed (bundle exec rake db:migrate)?
    • Do any new environment variables need to be set?
    • Did any of the stored dashboard JSON formats change in a backwards-incompatible way?
  • To be safe, create a backup of the current PromDash database.
  • Do tests pass for the new revision?
  • Are there any other particularly risky changes?

After deploying a new version:

  • Perform a hard refresh in the browser to ensure all loaded assets are up-to-date.
  • Test basic functionality as appropriate (Prometheus and Graphite graph settings, etc.).

Security Considerations

Since we frequently need to display various PromDash views in inline frames, we
disabled Rails' default header X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN for all views:

If you are worried about clickjacking attacks,
it is safe to revert this commit as long as you don't need to display dashboards in iframes.

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