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Very early alpha

About the data

The two main sources of data are:

  1. The lists of registered lobbyists, by year:

  2. And the coversheets for the lobbyist activies reports (LA):

Names come from both sources of data, but only the coversheets have detailed
information about names.

The information for lobbying interests come from the registration forms. This
information is all entered by hand and will be very hard to use without
scrubbing. There should be a way to de-duplicate lobbying interests, and a way
to regenerate a lobbyist's interests based on the raw registration data stored.

The forms can, and are, amended often. When you do updates, it's a good idea
to go back a few years.

Getting up and running

Set your environment variables. One way is to have a .env file with:


# optional if you want to geocode

and then using autoenv or source .env to activate it.

Install deps:

pip install -r requirements.txt
npm install

Get your database up and running with (Postgres instructions):

createdb tx_lobbying  # if you have a simple Postgres setup
phd createdb  # if you have a complicated DATABASE_URL, pip install postdoc

# inital migration
make resetdb

Then load data with:

make scrape

Running tests

Change template1 to be postgis enabled:

psql template1

CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;

make test


pip install -r requirement-dev.txt

The project is configured to use sqlite by default, but if don't want to stab
yourself, set your DATABASE_URL to real database like Postgres.

Start the development server:

python example_project/ runserver

How the data is modeled



Models that correspond directly to a piece of raw data are labelled with

  • Lobbyist: the main model, represents a lobbyist
  • ExpenseDetailReport: Not that useful yet. raw
  • Coversheet: Expense coversheets. raw
  • LobbyistStats: A summary of expenses for a year
  • RegistrationReport: A lobbyist's registration for a year. raw
  • LobbyistAnnum: Represent's a year of a lobbyist's existence in the database
  • Compensation: How a lobbyist was compensated by their client. raw
  • Interest: A lobbyist's clients, aka an interested party
  • InterestStats: A summary of an interest's stats for a year
  • Address: Any time we need to store an address

The Future

Features not handled in this version but perhaps the next:

  1. Handle corporate mergers/splits/renames
  2. Link entities to campaign finance (state and federal)

Additional Data Sources

In addition to the data from the TEC, these services are also used:

Docker Pull Command
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