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Schedule cron jobs to perform regular maintenance jobs
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Cron Scheduler

Schedules cron jobs to be run on schedule. Adopted from
This is a base container with no tasks scheduled tasks defined. scripts to be run on schedule should be placed within tasks folder in a folder according to schedules supported.
A script which should be run in an hourly schedule should be placed in directory ./tasks/hourly relative to dockerfile

Schedules Supported

  • 15min
  • hourly
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly


The script to be executed in a schedule should be placed within appropriate directory. The scripts should not have any extension like .sh and should have shebang #!/bin/sh

Since cron jobs don't have access to environment variables, is created when container starts and should be called in the script if environment variables are required for script execution.
Currently only WEB_ENV* environment variables are available after is executed. If an environment variable is required make sure it is available in web service or set an environment variable which starts with WEB_ENV

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