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Ready to go PHP 7 with Nginx
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Web Server

Nginx & PHP 7 web server.

Laravel Application - Quick Run

Using the Laravel installer you can get up and running with a Laravel application inside Docker in minutes.

  • Create a new Laravel application $ laravel new testapp
  • Change to the applications directory $ cd testapp
  • Start the container and attach the application. $ docker run -d -p 4488:80 --name=testapp -v $PWD:/var/www webserver
  • Visit the Docker container URL like Profit!

Environment Variables

Here are some configurable environment values.

  • WEBROOT – Path to the web root. Default: /var/www
  • PRODUCTION – Is this a production environment. Default: 0
  • PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT - PHP memory limit in megabytes. Example: 100
  • PHP_POST_MAX_SIZE - PHP POST maximum size in megabytes. Example: 50
  • PHP_UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE - PHP upload maximum file size in megabytes. Example: 100
  • COMPOSER_DIRECTORY - Path to where your composer.json file lives. Example: /var/www
  • LARAVEL - Is this a Laravel application. If you set this to 1 then set your composer directory too. Default 0
  • RUN_MIGRATIONS - Run Laravel migrations. (Will only work IF LARAVEL = 1). Default: 0
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