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Backup container that makes database dumps and pushes changes to a rsync host
Full Description

Container for doing backups

Add this container to the infrastructure, mount backup directories and they will be copied to remote server using rsync on a schedule.


  • local files backup to remote server


  1. Copy ssmtp.conf.template to ssmtp.conf and edit your mailserver connection info

  2. Sample docker-compose.override.template.yml to docker-compose.override.yml and configure with your own variables and paths.

  • To set a specific backup time, edit the backup job (example below defaults to 4:20 AM):
CRON_JOB_BACKUP_RSYNC=20 4 * * * root . /usr/local/bin/; /usr/local/bin/
  • Pattern for emails:

    Edit BACKUP_MAIL_SUBJECT to set server identifier, you'll receive emails with subjects like [OK][RSYNC][SERVER] or [FAIL][RSYNC][SERVER].

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