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Secor in docker
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Docker image for running Secor

By default uses Snappy compression, please checkout for more information.


docker run -e ZOOKEEPER_QUORUM=zookeeper.service.consul:2181 \
       -e SECOR_S3_BUCKET=test-bucket sagent/secor

Configuration options

Can be configured using environment variables:

Variable Name Configuration Option
DEBUG Enable some debug logging (default false)
ZOOKEEPER_QUORUM Zookeeper quorum (required)
AWS_ACCESS_KEY AWS Access key (required)
AWS_SECRET_KEY AWS Secret access key (required)
SECOR_S3_BUCKET Target S3 bucket (required)
KAFKA_SEED_BROKER_HOST Kafka broker hosts (not required?)
SECOR_MAX_FILE_BYTES Max bytes per file (default 200000000)
SECOR_MAX_FILE_SECONDS Max time per file (default 3600)
SECOR_KAFKA_TOPIC_FILTER Regexp filter which topics it should replicate (default .*)
SECOR_MESSAGE_PARSER Which message parser to use (default OffsetMessageParser)
SECOR_TIMESTAMP_NAME When using DateMessageParser what field to use in the JSON (default timestamp)
SECOR_TIMESTAMP_PATTERN When using DateMessageParser what format the timestamp is (default timestamp)
SECOR_WRITER_FACTORY What WriterFactory to use (default SequenceFileReaderWriterFactory)
SECOR_GROUP Name that is used for S3 path and as Kafka consumer name. (default secor_backup)
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