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Keystone container for OpenStack and ....
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Keystone container


docker build -t croc/keystone .


docker run -tid --name keystone --net host -v /srv/keystone/log:/var/log/keystone -v /srv/keystone/db/keystone.db:/var/lib/keystone/keystone.db croc/keystone /opt/
  • /var/log/keystone stores keystone's log file by default
  • /var/lib/keystone/keystone.db is the default db (sqlite)
  • CONNECTION_STRING is the full connection string for other supported backend (sqlite, mysql, mariadb, etc...) Example: -e CONNECTION_STRING=sqlite:////opt/keystone.db

Custom config

If you would like to configure keystone for mysql or LDAP backend you should copy and modify the default keystone.conf file from the container.


docker copy keystone:/etc/keystone/keystone.conf /srv/keystone/keystone.conf
vi /srv/keystone/keystone.conf

...and run the container with -v /srv/keystone/keystone.conf:/etc/keystone/keystone.conf extra parameter.

Good luck!

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