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letsencrypt SSL cert generator
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Letsencrypt container for SSL key generation


docker built -t croc/letsencrypt .


From your build:

docker run -tid --name=letsencrypt -v /srv/nginx/ssl:/etc/letsencrypt -v /srv/nginx/web:/srv/www -e -e ROOTDOMAIN=1 -e croc/letsencrypt

Env. variables:

  • MAIL - your mail address
  • ROOTDOMAIN - this is an optional variable, 1 - you got cert for and, 0 - you got cert only for
  • DOMAIN - the name of your domain (example:, ... )


  • /srv/nginx/ssl - is the ssl key folder's of your web server on your docker host
  • /etc/letsencrypt - is the letsencrypt's SSL folder in the container (default)
  • /srv/nginx/web - is the template directory for the letsencrypt`s checks (.well-known folder) on your docker host
  • /srv/www - is the web folder in the container. The generator script uses this folder for your web server.


The container generates and renews SSL/HTTPS certficiation for domain with this script that is defined in environment variable.

docker exec -ti letsencrypt /opt/
  • /opt/ - the generator script

Good Luck!

Check my Github WIKI page for examples.

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