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Custom plex install
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step into the directory that contains Dockerfile and run this command:

docker build -t croc/plex .


Start a new container from the image (example):

docker run -tid --name=plex --net=host -v /media/data/:/media/data -v /srv/plex/root:/root croc/plex /opt/
  • /media/data folder contains media files on the host machine
  • /srv/plex/root will store the plex config on the docker host

Plex Manage

You can connect to the plex web page with your host IP address and 32400 port, like:

  • is the docker host's address in the VirtualBox on the host-only NIC


The starts the Plex.
But if you got some problem (the plex container stops after start) you can view the error this command:

docker logs plex

Problems and Solutions


Problem: the client (TV, PC, etc) doesn't find any file on the DLNA server

Solution "A":

  • You have to check the DLNA service on the Plex Web interface, Enable if not enabled
  • You need delete the Plex's Cache folder on Host and restart plex container
    rm -rf /srv/plex/root/Library/Caches/*

Sometimes this solution doesn't work. I switched back to minidlna (readymedia) because, the new plex versions don't show any files on my LG TV with DLNA service. I don't know the reason, but it is very annoying.

Solution "B":

  • You should buy a Chromecast device and plug into the TV
  • Download the Plex App to your mobile device
  • Select your movie in the App and stream to the TV with the Chromecast

Good Luck!

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