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Event Data Query API Server

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Query API service for Event Data. Ingests from another source (e.g. another Query API, Event Bus or archive) and allows a number of queries to be run. Backed by ElasticSearch.

This codebase is used internally in Crossref Event Data, but you can easily run it to replicate Event Data or a subset of it, to your own database.

Provided as a Docker image for deployment. Docker Compose is used for testing.

Current set of filters available:

  • from-occurred-date - as YYYY-MM-DD
  • until-occurred-date - as YYYY-MM-DD
  • from-collected-date - as YYYY-MM-DD
  • until-collected-date - as YYYY-MM-DD
  • subj-id - quoted URL or a DOI
  • obj-id - quoted URL or a DOI
  • subj-id.prefix - DOI prefix like 10.5555
  • obj-id.prefix - DOI prefix like 10.5555
  • subj-id.domain - domain of the subj_id e.g.
  • obj-id.domain - domain of the subj_id e.g.
  • subj.url - quoted full URL
  • obj.url - quoted full URL
  • subj.url.domain - domain of the optional subj.url, if present e.g.
  • obj.url.domain - domain of the optional obj.url, if present e.g.
  • subj.alternative-id - optional subj.alternative-id
  • obj.alternative-id - optional obj.alternative-id
  • relation - relation type ID
  • source - source ID

Usage as a replica

Anyone can run this as a replica, against the Crossref Query API, or against ananother replica.

  • lein run server - run the server
  • lein run replicate-continuous - run automatic continuous replication from another Query API instance, from now onward
  • lein run replicate-backfill-days «days» - backfill from a number of days in the past
  • lein run add-indexes - one off, ensure that all indexes are present

If you want to run a standard setup you should run server and replicate, which will each run and keep running. The first time you run replicate-continuous, or if there has been an outage, you should run replicate-backfill-days to catch up.

Replication mode makes two types of queries to the upstream Query API: one for getting newly occurring Events, and one for getting newly updated Events (which may have originally occurred at any point in time). These queries are supplied in the form of a templated URL. If you want to update all of the available data you can leave the defaults. If you only want to replicate a subset of the data, e.g. for a given prefix or source id, you can supply a custom URL with a filter.

Replication occurs according to an internal schedule at 5am every day, UTC.

The default values are (noting the %1$s string substitution)


Usage internally

The following methods are only for Crossref internal use as they depend on access-controlled internal resources.

  • lein run server - run the server.
  • lein run queue-continuous - run automatic continuous replication via a Kafka Queue
  • lein run bus-backfill-days «days» - backfill from a number of days in the past from the Event Bus archive
  • lein run bus-backfill-days-from «date» «days» - backfill from a number of days in the past from the Event Bus archive from and including the given date
  • lein run add-indexes - one off, ensure that all indexes are present

If the mappings (i.e. fields that ElasticSearch indexes) change, you need to run:

  • lein run update-mappings - run the server

Source Whitelists

Because we may recieve data for more sources than we wish to store, the whitelist can be provided. This should be the name of a Crossref Artifact, e.g. crossref-sourcelist. The whitelist is applied on ingestion, so data must be backfilled if it was discarded due to a previous value.

Demo commands


docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml run -w /usr/src/app --service-ports test lein run server.


docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml run -w /usr/src/app --service-ports test /bin/bash -c "stty sane && lein repl"

To run tests

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml run -w /usr/src/app test lein test


In all cases:

Environment variable Description
QUERY_DEPLOYMENT Optional. Prefix for ElasticSearch indexes to allow for multiple index instances per ES cluster.
QUERY_ELASTIC_URI Connection URI for ElasticSearch e.g.

Running server:

Environment variable Description
QUERY_PORT Port to listen on

Running as a replica:

Environment variable Description
QUERY_REPLICA_COLLECTED_URL Templated URL, described above. %1$s is start collection date, %2$ is cursor. Optional with default.
QUERY_REPLICA_UPDATED_URL Templated URL, described above. %1$s is start update date, %2$ is cursor. Optional with default.

Running within Crossref:

Environment variable Description
QUERY_WHITELIST_ARTIFACT_NAME Name of Artifact used for source whitelist. Optional.
QUERY_PREFIX_WHITELIST_ARTIFACT_NAME Name of Artifact used for DOI prefix whitelist. Optional.
QUERY_EVENT_BUS_BASE Event Bus URL base for re-fill. Optional.
GLOBAL_ARTIFACT_URL_BASE Public URL of Artifact registry. Optional.
QUERY_JWT JWT Token for authenticating with Bus. Optional.
QUERY_TERMS_URL A Terms URL to be associated with each event. Optional.
GLOBAL_BUS_OUTPUT_TOPIC Topic to look for Events coming out of the Bus.


Copyright © 2017 Crossref

Distributed under the The MIT License (MIT).

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