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The Frost module of Nero
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Share your favorite content remotely without spoiling your home network.

StealthBox is a Docker image, so you can install it on any linux server without polluting

It embeds several applications that are configured together to automate file sharing in the cloud and download content
to your home:

  • Deluge, a BitTorrent client.
  • SickRage, an automatic shows downloader.
  • CouchPotato, an automatic movies downloader.
  • HeadPhones, an automated music downloader.
  • FlexGet, a multipurpose automation tool
  • Pydio, a web application to view, edit and download files.


docker run -d \
  -p 8443:443 -p 8022:22 -p 6881:6881 \
  --name stealthbox \
  --restart always \

Username & Password

All services are installed with a box username and a randomly generated password. This password is displayed when
container is starting.

To retrieve the generated password, you can use docker logs:

docker logs stealthbox | grep Password:

To set your own password when running the container, add -e PASSWORD= followed with the password of your choice to
docker run command. Alternatively, you can run the container with -it flag, and it will ask the password on startup
in the console.

If the container is already running, password can be changed with boxpasswd command from shell. (using SSH access,
by opening bash with docker exec -it stealthbox bash)

If you both need to keep -it flag and generate the password, you can add -e NONINTERACTIVE=1 to docker run

Password is checked with
cracklib-check, it must be long and strong enough to be accepted.


Replace <stealthbox> with IP address of your server and <8443>/<8022> with ports used in docker run command.


Pydio (formerly AjaXplorer) is a mature open source software solution for file sharing and
synchronization. With intuitive user interfaces (web / mobile / desktop), Pydio provides enterprise-grade features
to gain back control and privacy of your data: user directory connectors, legacy filesystems drivers, comprehensive
admin interface, and much more.

web: https://<stealthbox>:<8443>


Deluge is a lightweight, Free Software, cross-platform BitTorrent client.

  • Full Encryption
  • WebUI
  • Plugin System
  • Much more ...
web: https://<stealthbox>:<8443>/deluge
configuration: ~/.config/deluge
service: deluge


SickRage is a Video File Manager for TV Shows, It watches for new episodes of your favorite
shows and when they are posted it does its magic.

web: https://<stealthbox>:<8443>/sickrage


CouchPotato Download movies automatically, easily and in the best quality as soon as they are
available. Awesome PVR for usenet and torrents. Just fill in what you want to see and CouchPotato will add it to your
"want to watch"-list.

web: https://<stealthbox>:<8443>/couchpotato


HeadPhones is an automated music downloader for NZB and Torrent, written in
Python. It supports SABnzbd, NZBget, Transmission, µTorrent and Blackhole.

web: https://<stealthbox>:<8443>/couchpotato


FlexGet is a multipurpose automation tool for content like torrents, nzbs, podcasts, comics,
series, movies, etc. It can use different kinds of sources like RSS-feeds, html pages, csv files, search engines and
there are even plugins for sites that do not provide any kind of useful feeds.

configuration: ~/flexget
service: flexget



Access StealthBox through SSH/SCP/SFTP to bring content back to home and manage the environment.

ssh: ssh -p <8022> box@<stealthbox>
service: sshd


nginx [engine x] is an HTTP and reverse proxy server.

configuration: /etc/nginx
service: nginx



Flexget is installed in Daemon mode.

Configuration file is /home/box/flexget/config.yml, and will be automatically reloaded in Daemon when changed.

Open applications inside Pydio

Pydio is able to open files ending with ".url". Thus you can open your apps directly inside the pydio interface.

Example for deluge : Create a file named "deluge.url" in pydio. Right click on it and choose to edit with the text editor.
Add your deluge url inside it : web:https://<stealthbox>:<8443>/deluge.
Save it.
Set "External window" as the default handler for this file.
You can now open deluge by double-clicking on the file "deluge.url".

Use your own SSL certificate

Self-signed SSL certificate is generated when running the container for the first time. But self-signed certificates
generates warning in browser when trying to connect.

To avoid this warning, you can use a certificate from trusted authority, and load them in StealthBox.
StartSSL can provide free trusted certificate.

  • Replacing certificate in container

Your can use your own SSL certificate by replacing stealthbox.key and stealthbox.crt in /home/box/ssl/, using
Pydio or SSH. This will reload web server automatically.

  • Using certificate from host

Instead of replacing certificate files in container, you can also load volumes pointing to certificate on the host.

docker run -d \
  -v /home/docker/ssl/stealthbox.key:/etc/stealthbox/ssl/stealthbox.key:ro \
  -v /home/docker/ssl/stealthbox.crt:/etc/stealthbox/ssl/stealthbox.crt:ro \
  -p 8443:443 -p 8022:22 -p 6881:6881 \
  --restart always \
  --name stealthbox \

Make sure correct access rights are defined.

chown 1000:1000 \
  /home/docker/ssl/stealthbox.key \

chmod 400 /home/docker/ssl/stealthbox.key

Disable SSL

You may have good reasons to do this, but nginx also listen on tcp/80 for raw connections. So you can map this port
instead of tcp/443.

docker run -d \
  -p 8080:80 -p 8022:22 -p 6881:6881 \
  --name stealthbox \
  --restart always \

Web server will then be available at http://<stealthbox>:8080.


tcp/6881 is the port use by Torrent protocol in deluge. You have to map this port on the same host port.

If tcp/6881 is not available on host, or if you really need to change this port, you have to configure deluge for
port to match, in web UI, or in /home/box/deluge/core.conf (listen_ports parameter).

It will be possible to automate this feature after docker/docker#3778 issue is implemented.

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