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Short Description
Crypti is a new crypto-currency designed from the ground up to solve the biggest problem with other currencies - lack of purchase motivation.
Full Description

Crypti is being built from scratch. It will not rely on any other crypto-currency code.

Crypti uses a combination of proof-of-stake algorithms making it first of a kind.

Crypti is being developed in lightweight Node.JS, and can run on every device out there, including embedded nodes.

Completed and upcoming features

Custom block-chains, allowing anyone to launch their own chain with custom rules: calculations, storage
Combination of 3 PoS algorithms:
    Proof-of-Purchase (purchases done since the last won forged block)
    Proof-of-Time (node running up-time)
    Proof-of-Identity (merchant address real-life validation)
Ed25519 DSA for increased security.
1 minute block time, pending on the network activity and node uptimes.
PoS retargeting on every new block.
Password protected wallets that allow recovery from seeds.
RESTful API for easy and fast interaction with Crypti nodes.
Appstore inside wallet
Docker Pull Command