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Image to run Spring Initializr on a local machine.
Full Description

This is NOT an officially image of Spring. The official service is accessible at:
This image was created to use Spring Initializr as a local service.

The image can be executed with the command:
docker run -d -p 8080:<port-to-access> --name <container-name> cschaible/spring-initializr
Example: docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name spring-initializr cschaible/spring-initializr

To stop the image execute:
docker stop <container-name>
To start the image (again) execute:
docker start <container-name>

The first start take some time to load required dependencies. After a few seconds / minutes the application can be seen in the web browser at<port-to-access>

Further starts are faster and require less time (approximately 15s). The application requires internet access on start-up to load latest spring boot version. If the image cannot connect to the internet startup take a few minutes until timeouts have reached. If the internet is not available spring boot version 1.2.3 can be selected.
To see the progress of start-up execute (press ctrl+c to exit log):
docker logs --tail=50 -f <container-name>

The image was created on 2016/01/24 using the latest origin/master commit with hash: 891650a836456be3c49c416d93584ed2e500b266.

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