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This is a dockerized version of the PocketMine-MP server written in PHP.
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PocketMine-MP Docker Container

Supported tags: latest

This is a dockerized version of the PocketMine-MP server written in PHP, a highly customisable, open source server software for Minecraft: Pocket Edition written in PHP. More documentation regarding the server itself can be found at their website directly.

The current version in the built image: PocketMine-MP 1.7dev-937 with API 3.0.0-ALPHA12 Github Release

How to use PocketMine-MP

To learn how to use PocketMine-MP, please visit their documentation site. This image definition is not meant to replace the great documentation that the PocketMine team has already completed.

How to use this Docker image

Starting with default data

To start with no mapped data, simple utilize the docker run command below. This will launch a new container with the default data present.

docker run -d -p 19132:19132/udp --name minecraft cscheide/pocketmine-mp:latest

Starting while persisting data

To persist data, ensure your configuration and data files are present in a volume and map a volume to /data.

docker run -d -v /your/directory/with/data:/data -p 19132:19132/udp --name minecraft cscheide/pocketmine-mp:latest

See the data management section below for more detail.

Starting in a terminal that you can reattach to

To start the server with a TTY that you can reconnect to later

docker run -ti -p 19132:19132/udp --name minecraft cscheide/pocketmine-mp:latest

When you are done with your session, type Ctrl-P followed by Ctrl-Q. To reattach to the session use

docker attach minecraft

Data Management

Since PocketMine-MP relies on some static data to configure and store information about the world, this image assumes the presence of a data volume located at /data. The following files will be referenced from /data:

  • banned-ips.txt
  • banned-players.txt
  • ops.txt
  • players directory
  • worlds directory
  • plugins directory
  • resource_packs directory
  • pocketmine.yml
  • white-list.txt

To persist your data, simply map a volume to /data when you launch the container.

How to Update To Latest Version

This image is updated when I perform the build to DockerHub. At present the current version supported is:

To update to the latest version yourself you can either follow the Manual Update Instructions or you can simple download a copy of the PocketMine-MP Docker Container from GitHub and build the image yourself. This process will automatically grab the latest version.

docker build --no-cache -t your-image-name pocketmine-mp/.

Then run the above commands utilizing your own image.

docker run -d -p 19132:19132/udp --name minecraft --restart unless-stopped your-image-name

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