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IRC client/bouncer.
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TapChat Dockerfile

This is a dockerised version of TapChat.


Create a named volume to persist data:

docker volume create --name tapchat-data

Pull the image for the desired version of TapChat:

docker pull csmith/tapchat:0.0.42

Start a container, exposing the TapChat port:

docker run -d --name tapchat \
              --restart always \
              -p 8067:8067 \
              -v tapchat-data:/.tapchat \


TapChat will be configured to listen on the default port of 8067,
and a default account with the username admin and password
admin will be created.

You can access a web interface at https://<ip>:8067/ in order to
change the password or create a new account.

To view the generated SSL fingerprint (in order to verify that
the mobile app is connecting to the correct server), view the
container's logs: docker logs tapchat.

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