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Docker image with many of the development tools I use the most.

  • Version Control
    • svn
    • mercurial
    • git
  • Java Build Tools
    • ant
    • maven
  • Text Editors
    • nano
    • vi
  • Basic Utilities
    • man
    • sudo
    • curl
    • wget
    • ssh
  • Runtimes
    • Oracle Java 8
    • python
    • ruby
      • sass
    • node.js
      • less
      • coffee-script
      • uglify-js
      • underscore
      • express
      • mocha
      • handlebars
      • mustache

In addition, the devbox image creates a 'dev' user and has a /data volume
designed for mounting local directories.

To run devbox for the first time, run something like this:

docker run -it --name devbox \
    -v /local/directory:/data \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \

Replace /local/directory with a directory containing your development

The above command also shares the Docker daemon's socket with the image,
which allows you to run sudo docker commands from within the container
for the Docker daemon running on the host machine (or boot2docker vm).

Some tools, especially Maven, populate caches that need to
be maintained between runs, so it's best practice to use the above
command to initialize the container, and then restart it over time using:

docker start -ai devbox
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