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Radarr in a Docker container.
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About this container

This container runs the A fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato. More about Radarr can be found at:

Running from Docker Hub

Pull and run -- it's this simple.

# pull from docker hub
$> docker pull cturra/radarr

# run radarr
$> docker run --name=radarr                                           \
              --restart=always                                        \
              --detach=true                                           \
              --volume=/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro               \
              --volume=/path/to/config/dir:/volumes/config/radarr     \
              --volume=/path/to/media/dir:/volumes/media              \
              --volume=/path/to/download/dir:/data/downloads/complete \
              --publish=7878:7878                                     \

Building and Running with Docker Compose

Using the docker-compose.yml file included in this git repo, you can build
the container yourself (should you choose to).

# buid radarr
$> docker-compose build radarr

# run radarr
$> docker-compose up -d radarr

# (optional) check the logs
$> docker-compose logs radarr

Building and Running with Docker engine

Using the vars file in this git repo, you can update any of the variables to
reflect your environment. Once updated, simply execute the build then run scripts.

# build radarr
$> ./

# run radarr
$> ./
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