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wordpress and other tools we use
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this is the base image we customized for our local wordpress dev workflow found on internal only webint/kb/tony-dockerclisshkey-2017-workflow/

To modify this base image
clone this repo
edit the dockerfile
docker build
docker run to test
docker commit
docker push

for a tutorial.

for now Tony and Dave have write permissions on our dockerhub cuaws organization. ask them to add you if you need to write.

based on docker-wordpress-wp-cli

This repository contains the Dockerfile for the autobuild of wordpress-with-wp-cli Docker image.

The Dockerfile uses the official WordPress image and adds wp-cli.

To use, simply run:

docker run --name <containername> cuaws/wpcua

For all other configuration items, please see the official Docker WordPress ReadMe.

You can then call the standard wp-cli commands via docker exec. For example, to install and activate the Quark theme:

docker exec <containername> wp theme install quark
docker exec <containername> wp theme activate quark

Please feel free to fork and use for your own projects.

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