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Container for creating a Oracle VirtualBox hard disk (VDI) on Mac OS containing a CoreOS image
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There is a great tutorial how to create a CoreOS VM on Oracle VirtualBox.
However, on Mac OS things are different as always.
Therefore I created a Docker image which performs the steps described in the above tutorial, which can be executed on Mac OS.


  • Installed Docker
  • Installed Oracle VirtualBox

Steps to perform

Perform following commands to create the base VM template:

mkdir build-create-coreos && cd build-create-coreos
curl -o docker-compose.yml
docker-compose pull
docker-compose run --rm build-create-coreos

f=`ls -r "$HOME/VirtualBox VMs/CoreOS Template"/coreos_production_*.bin | head -n 1`
VBoxManage convertdd "$f" "${f%%.bin}.vdi" --format VDI

rm "$f"

For each needed CoreOS instance perform following steps:

curl -o
chmod +x
./create_vm CoreOS-Dev 2048 10240

Where 'CoreOS-Dev' is the name of your new VM with 2048 MB RAM and 10240 MB HDD size.


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