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Base image for homework of the Modeling & Verification course.
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Modeling & Verification Homework

This repository contains information about the homework for the course
"Modeling & Verification"
at University of Geneva.


Please install the following environment:

  • Moodle
    Check that you are registered in the "Modeling & Verification" classroom
  • GitHub
    Create an account if you do not have one already
  • Install VirtualBox
    We will work in a virtual machine.
  • Create a new virtual machine,
    using Ubuntu amd64.
  • Run the following script to install dependencies:

      curl -s | bash /dev/stdin

The environment you installed contains:

  • Git:
    the tool for source code management;
  • Lua:
    the programming language that we will use;
  • Luarocks:
    a package manager for Lua;
  • Wercker:
    a tool (and online service) to build and test your source code;
  • Docker:
    a container system, required by wercker;
  • Atom:
    the editor we will use.


  • We use GitHub Classroom for the homework.
  • If for any reason you have trouble with the deadline,
    contact your teacher as soon as possible.
  • Your source code (and tests) must pass all checks of luacheck
    without warnings or errors.
  • Your tests must cover at least 80% of the source code (excluding test files).
  • Your work will be tested in a dedicated environment, using wercker.
    You can always run all the tests on your code with the following command,
    from the root of your project (where the wercker.yml file is located):

    $ wercker build


Evaluation follows the questions:

  • do you have done anything at the deadline?
    (no: 0 points)
    • [ ] Done anything
  • do you have understood and implemented all the required notions?
    (yes: 4 points for all, no: 2 points for none)
    • [ ] algorithm #1
    • [ ] algorithm #2
    • [ ] ...
  • do you have understood and implemented corners cases of all the required
    (yes: +2 point for all)
    • [ ] algorithm #1
    • [ ] algorithm #2
    • [ ] ...
  • do you have correctly written and tested your code?
    (no: -0.5 point for each)
    • [ ] Coding standards
    • [ ] Tests
    • [ ] Code coverage
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