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Software provided by Pacific Biosciences for a variety of applications
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Everything in cwarden45/genomics-base plus:

cmake (v3.5.1)
biopython (v1.69)
boost libraries (v1.61.0, in /usr/include/boost)
pitchfork (downloaded 7/14/2016)
HDF5 libraries (v.1.8.16, in /opt/pitchfork/workspace/hdf5-1.8.16)
BLASR (v5.2.3194382, set in $PATH as blasr)
GMAP/GSNAP (v2016-08-24, set in $PATH as gmap,gmap_build, and gsnap)
pbccs (v2.0.0, set in $PATH as ccs)
unanimity (v3.0.0, /opt/unanimity/build/ccs)
pbh5tools (v0.8.0, and in $PATH)
pbcore (v1.2.10)
kineticsTools (v0.5.3, ipdSummary set in $PATH)
pbbarcode (v0.8.0, pbbarcode set in $PATH)
bamtools (v2.4.1, /opt/bamtools/bin/bamtools)
Canu (v1.5, /opt/canu-1.5/Linux-amd64/bin/canu)

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