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Transmission daemon and web interface to download and share all your favourite Linux ISOs ;)


Pull the image

docker pull cwhite92/transmission

Run the container

docker run -d --restart=always -v /path/to/persistent/config:/config -v /path/to/incomplete:/incomplete -v /path/to/complete:/complete -p 9091:9091 --name transmission cwhite92/transmission

Change settings

After you run the container for the first time, a settings.json would have been created in the persistent config directory that you specified. Edit the file to reflect the settings you'd like.

In particular, you're probably going to want to change the rpc-whitelist property to include your local address range:

"rpc-whitelist": ",192.168.*.*",

And your download directories to match the container volumes:

"download-dir": "/complete",
"incomplete-dir": "/incomplete",
"incomplete-dir-enabled": true,


  • Change -v /path/to/persistent/config:/config to whatever directory you want to store your configuration in
  • Change -v /path/to/incomplete:/transmission/incomplete to whatever directory you want to store incomplete torrents in
  • Change -v /path/to/complete:/transmission/complete to whatever directory you want finished torrent downloads to be moved to
  • Change -p 9091:9091 to whatever port you want to use the web interface on
  • Change --name transmission to whatever name you want to give the container
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