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Install docker toolbox for windows or mac osx (

Install the Tools for Docker preview (

Right click on your project in visual studio solution explorer -> Add -> Docker Support
This will generate your powershell scripts that deploy your app into a Docker container and execute Docker commands in Docker to run your app.

Note: Powershell must be installed for Tools for Docker to be able to build and run your image.

Running your app

Run Docker Quickstart (this was installed as part of docker toolbox)

Make sure your visual studio project root has been added to Shared Folders in the boot2docker.iso in VirtualBox

In Visual Studio click the drop down next to the debug button and select "Docker"

Run your application by pressing F5 or clicking the debug button (green arrow).

After your application builds, a powershell window should launch.

Powershell exits, debugging stops in Visual Studio, and your app is now running in Docker and should be accessible via the IP specified in your docker quickstart shell (most likely

You are now running your ASP.NET Core app in Docker. A docker image has been created for your app and can be monitored in the Docker shell or Kitematic (Docker GUI that comes with the Docker toolbox).

Useful links: - Tutorials and VS update for docker tooling

Visual studio ASP.NET 5 RC1:

Docker Pull Command