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Docker image with software to run kafka connects with Elastic Search connector
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Docker image with software to run kafka connects based on cyberlusda/kafka-connect
and with Elastic Search connector by confluent.
For more informatiom see
Github confluentinc/kafka-connect-elasticsearch

Using with docker-compose

There is an docker-compose example on docker-compose/ path.

Because there is internal references to dcocker base images. You must build
docker-compose images at first step:

cd docker-compose
docker-compose build

Ingest data on Elastic Search example

After build process (previously described ) you can run and test how data is
saved to Elastic Search

Launch example produce service

docker-compose up -d produce-tests

After a few minutes you can see data persisted on Elastic Search:

docker-compose run --rm curl "elastic-search:9200/tests/test/1?pretty=true"
  "_index" : "tests",
  "_type" : "test",
  "_id" : "1",
  "_version" : 0,
  "found" : true,
  "_source" : {
    "test_id" : "TEST"

Cleaning procedure

  • After data was saved on ES, you can delete all services with:

    docker-compose down
  • Clean building local images.

    docker images  | awk '$1~/dockercompose/{print $3}' | xargs docker rmi -f

    Please, have in mind, that last command delete all local docker images which
    name contains dockercompose. This is default project name set by docker-compose
    (it is extracted from docker-compose path where example is saved).

  • Clean local docker volumes.

    docker volume prune -f
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