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Base Repository:

This repository provides a docker image for Keycloak with postgresql as its datastore, extended with configuration to work behind a reverse proxy, an entrypoint-wrapper to enable full imports on first run (of the container), and themed for the cyclone-project.

Extends cycloneproject/keycloak-postgres which provides the cyclone client registration module to keycloak.

How to use

NOTE: You need to start/have a postgres instance running with the same options (where applicable, e.g. the POSTGRES_ options) as defined below.

Use image directly

You can use this image directly. There is a number of configuration options through env variables.

  • KC_IMPORT: Whether to import a provided kcexport.json file on first run
  • KEYCLOAK_USER / KEYCLOAK_PASSWORD: Keycloak Admin User/Password to create at start
  • POSTGRES_DB: Postgres database to use and create on start
  • POSTGRES_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR / POSTGRES_PORT_5432_TCP_PORT: Addr/Port where postgres is reachable

Run without import:

docker run --link postgres:postgres -e KEYCLOAK_USER=admin -e KEYCLOAK_PASSWORD=admin -p 8080:8080 cycloneproject/keycloak-postgres-base

To run with import, set KC_IMPORT=true and provide an exported Keycloak configuration through a volume:

docker run --link postgres:postgres -e KC_IMPORT=true -v kcexport.json /opt/jboss/exports/kcexport.json -p 8080:8080 cycloneproject/keycloak-postgres-base

The endpoint is (by default) at /auth.

For most deployments it is easier to use docker-compose with an accompanying .env file for configuration. See the base repository for examples.

Extend it

Extend from this image by using in your Dockerfile:

FROM cycloneproject/keycloak-postgres-base
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