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Simple but great DNS service for docker containers discovery on one host:

Start container

docker run --rm --name dns \
-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
-p \
cycomf/dnsdock /sbin/dnsdock



-dns=":53": Listen DNS requests on this address
-docker="unix://var/run/docker.sock": Path to the docker socket
-domain="docker": Domain that is appended to all requests
-environment="": Optional context before domain suffix
-help=false: Show this message
-http=":80": Listen HTTP requests on this address
-nameserver="": DNS server for unmatched requests
-ttl=0: TTL for matched requests
-verbose=true: Verbose output
-tlsverify=false: enable mutual TLS between dnsdock and Docker
-tlscacert="$HOME/.docker/ca.pem": Path to CA certificate
-tlscert="$HOME/.docker/cert.pem": Path to client certificate
-tlskey="$HOME/.docker/key.pem": Path to client certificate private key

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