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Generates ipxe.iso for booting from coreos-ipxe-server, given the server address and profile name.
Full Description

In order to generate a bootable ipxe.iso for booting from coreos-ipxe-server run it with server address and profile name parameters as follows:

WD=$(mktemp -d) # Working directory which will be attached as Docker volume to the container and where the genereated ipxe.iso will be placed after being generated.

docker run --rm -ti -v $WD:$WD -e WD=$WD ipxe_builder ./ -u <server_address> -p <profile_name>

    -u BASE_URL Address of the iPXE server.
    -p profile  Name of the coreos-ipxe-server boot profile.
    -v          Super verbose, for debugging.
    -h          This :-)
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