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Internal Docker images for Cypress E2E testing tool. Can be changed at any moment
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Docker image with Cypress dependencies

If you want to install and run inside your Docker container,
we have prepared an image with Node, XVFB and other
Cypress dependencies.
Just run your Docker image from cypress/base and you should be good to go!

Docker hub: cypress/base

Note that inside the container we create a group "qa" and a new user "cypress".
All commands after that should run as qa/cypress user for additional security.


  • :4 - built on top of Node 4 image
  • :6 - built on top of Node 6 image
  • :8 - built on top of Node 8 image

note: Node 0.12 is no longer supported by the Cypress install and should not be used.


Example user test/Dockerfile with Cypress version > 0.20.0 install.

FROM cypress/base
RUN npm install --save-dev cypress
RUN $(npm bin)/cypress verify
RUN $(npm bin)/cypress run

See example test/ that runs Cypress inside a container
against mounted volume with E2E tests

Other images

We have a few other strictly internal images built from this repo. These
images are used to test Cypress tools on CI. They are labeled usually by
the additional feature included.

For example, we have an image based on cypress/base with Chrome browser
installed tagged chrome58.

$ docker run cypress/internal:chrome58 chrome --version
Google Chrome 58.0.3029.110

Internal tags on Docker hub:

For increased security the cypress/internal images create separate non-root
user called person.

Building Docker Hub

  1. Open Docker hub build settings page, for example
  2. Click "Trigger" button next to the tag you would like to build

Then look at "Build Details" tab to see the build progress, usually takes a
few minutes to finish.

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