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Cytoscape Prime
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Cytoscape Prime

A web first approach to network visualization, Prime consists of many react components communicating
via Elsa, our Erlang Submit Agent, with micro services to deliver insights into your data.

Getting Started

Prime uses Docker Hub automated builds for production use: Prime on Docker Hub.

You will need a Docker daemon to deploy the app. Once you have docker installed, run:

docker run -p 8080:8080 cytoscape/prime #Runs prime in a container on port 8080

This will bring up the app on port 8080.

Releases and Production Deployments

Releases are built automatically using Docker Hub automated builds. Images follow a master and tag scheme:

docker run cytoscape/prime:latest #Run the container built off of master's last commit. Same as cytoscape/prime with no tag.
docker run cytoscape/prime:tag #Where tag is a release tag such as cytoscape/prime:v0.1.0 for the v0.1.0 version of prime.

For maximum stabability in production deployments, use a version tag. For the latest features and bug fixs, use the latest tag. You can also build your own release of prime using the primary Dockerfile:

docker build -t prime .


You can develop through either docker or using npm to install the dependancies locally.

####Node Package Manager Development
First, install the latest version of node. Clone the repo, and then use npm to install the dependancies and run

git clone && cd prime && npm install

  npm run dev      #Run prime on localhost:8080
  npm run test     #Run all of the jest tests
  npm run coverage #Run jest's coverage tool
  npm run build    #Build the project into the build directory

####Docker Container Development

To develop in a container, you should build your changes with the devleopment Dockerfile:

docker build -f Dockerfile.develop -t prime .

You can then run any npm command by appending it to docker run like so:

docker run -it prime dev #Equivelant to npm run dev


Contributions are welcome in the form of issues or pull requests. For code changes, please submit jest tests in the appropriate directory.


You can find the LGPL License for prime here.

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