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This project delivers a wrk environment with JSON support
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Docker WRK JSON Environment

This repository contains Dockerfile of Debian for Docker's automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry.

Analysing the Dockerfile one can get an overview how to install wrk from source.

This project delivers a wrk environment with JSON support - in simple words it enables you to use JSON inside your Lua scripts.

Base Docker Image

  • debian:jessie



Download automated build from public Docker Hub Registry:

docker pull czerasz/wrk-json

Alternatively, you can build an image from Dockerfile:

docker build -t="czerasz/wrk-json"


Clone this repository and enter it's direcotry.

Start all containers:

docker-compose run wrk bash

Watch the application container logs in another terminal with:

docker logs -f --tail=0 $(docker-compose ps | grep '_application_1' | awk '{print $1}')

Benchmark the application from inside the wrk docker container:

wrk -c1 -t1 -d1s -s /scripts/multi-request-json.lua http://app:3000

As soon as you start the benchmark the application container logs should output request details:

[2015-06-15 17:10:12] Request 28132

GET/1.1 /path-1 on :::3000

 - host: app:3000
 - x-custom-header-2: test 2
 - content-length: 12
 - x-custom-header-1: test 1

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