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This is set of files (config files, templates, etc.) used to create PlanetJogger - a feed
agregator of blogs that once was hosted on blog site
Test version is avaliable at


  • working web server (apache/lighttpd/nginx)
  • Linux with shell access
  • Planet Venus installed (planet-venus package in Debian, tested with 0~git9de2109-3 version and Debian Jessie)
  • xsltproc installed


  • in general, blogs are named after original name on Jogger platform ( becomes BLOGNAME)
  • when possible, HTTPS should be used to grab the feed
  • if multiple feeds are available, full feed with articles should be chosen
  • please send changes as pull requests
  • this is test version, so please assume it will be published to /var/www/planetjogger and hosted on during tests


  • planet-jogger.ini - planet config file
  • index.html.tmpl - main page template file
  • atom.xml.xslt - original file from planet venus is used


  • clone this repository
  • adjust config file (look for CHANGME)
  • run planet planet-jogger.ini and observe the output


  • HIGH add Jogger favicon and graphics (header, footer) when they are published with license
  • HIGH add introduction so random people will learn what is this planet about
  • MEDIUM play with colors so planet reminds Jogger a bit
  • LOW consider using rebase, not hardcoded path
  • LOW consider using excerpt to shorten articles and remove images for feed
  • LOW consider using excerpt to shorten articles and remove images for body
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