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Minimal LXDE desktop for VNC access. Based on ubuntu 17.04
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Minimal LXDE desktop with the following features:

  • Argentine localtime
  • supervior (process manager)
    • precofngiured services:
      • ssh (running on port 2222)
      • vnc to lxde environment (running on port 5901)
    • Add your services in: /ets/supervisord/conf.d

How to use

docker run -p 5901:5901 -p 2222:22 -v $(pwd):/root/shared d3f0/lxdevnc:latest

Ports to connect to services

Assuming you've used the given 5901:5901 and 2222:22 examples from previous section, the -p, sahre port, refer to:

  • 5901 first vnc screen, you can access remote screen with any VNC client such as Chrome's VNC client, apt-get instal tigervnc, krdc on KDE, vinagre on GNOME, etc.

    If your client supports ursl, use the following:


  • 2222 ssh access, you can ssh to get a terminal inside the cotainer.

    To connect run the following line:

     ssh -p 2222 root@localhost
    • To access through X11 screen sharing:

      ssh -X -p 2222 root@localhost pcmanfm

      You can use any of the installed lxde programs as argument.

File share

The -v in the how to use section, refers to a shared volume. This command will mount the current directory, expresed by $(pwd) in /root/shared.

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