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A Bind DNS server built from with Travis-CI
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Bind Server

This repository contains an image.

This image runs a single DNS Server.


To configure the bind server, some environment variables need to be set.

  • BIND_RECURSION: Allow recursion requests, set to no for an authoritative server.
  • BIND_CONFIG_LDAP: Set to "True" to use bind-dyndb-ldap
  • BIND_LDAP_SERVER: The LDAP IP/DNS name to use with bind-dyndb-ldap
  • BIND_LDAP_BASE_DN: The Base DN where the records are for with bind-dyndb-ldap
  • BIND_LDAP_BIND_DN: The DN bind-dyndb-ldap will use for auth on the LDAP server
  • BIND_LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD: The password bind-dyndb-ldap will use for auth on the LDAP server
  • BIND_LDAP_URI_SCHEME: The scheme bind-dyndb-ldap will use to connect to the ldap server, can be "ldap" or "ldaps"
  • BIND_KEYS_LIST: A list of keys to import into bind config, format is a couple "name + secretkey" per line
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