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Image of the [VIBE]( project.
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As part of the CAEBAT (Computer Aided Engineering for Batteries) activities, ORNL developed a flexible, robust, and computationally scalable open-architecture framework that integrates multi-physics and multi-scale battery models. The main components of this CAEBAT infrastructure are:

  1. OAS – Open Architecture Software – provides a python based computational infrastrucure for interaction and orchestration between the various components
  2. BatML – An XML standard for battery inputs along with translators to other formatsvibe1
  3. Battery State – A standard for the state file to exchange information between the components
  4. ICE – Integrated Computational Environment to provide an user environment to simplify the workflow of modeling and visualizing batteries
  5. VIBE – Virtual Integrated Battery Environment which brings all these pieces together with several components to be able to simulate batteries
    Note that this image does not contains ICE.
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