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Nginx with Lua module built from source - see
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Dockerised Nginx, with Lua module, built from source

The docker image is based on the manual compilation instructions at ...

Useful for those who want Nginx with Lua but don't want to use OpenResty


  1. Create your own Dockerfile ...

     FROM danday74/nginx-lua
     COPY /your/nginx.conf /nginx/conf/nginx.conf
  2. Add this location block to your nginx.conf file

     location /hellolua {
         content_by_lua '
             ngx.header["Content-Type"] = "text/plain";
             ngx.say("hello world");

    If you don't have an nginx.conf file then use the conf file provided in the github repo

    The conf file provided is the default generated conf file with the above location block added

  3. Build your docker image

  4. Run your docker container - Remember to use -p YOUR_PORT:80 in your docker run statement

  5. Visit http://localhost:YOUR_PORT/hellolua


The master branch on the github repo is watched by an automated docker build

Which builds docker image danday74/nginx-lua on push to master

On success, the docker build triggers the docker repo's webhooks (if any)


APACHE LICENSE-2.0 ... In other words, please use freely and do whatever you want with it!

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