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A sample which shows how to use an AJAX source with server-side processing based on Thymeleaf, Spring3 and JPA.

Technology stack

  • Thymeleaf 2.1.4.RELEASE
  • Dandelion-Datatables 1.1.0
  • Jackson 1.9.13
  • Spring 3.2.10.RELEASE
  • Hibernate 4.3.5.Final / JPA 2.0
  • H2 database


  • Data source type: AJAX / AJAX + server-side processing
  • AJAX source
  • AJAX source + server-side processing
  • Pipelining data (with and without custom pipe size)
  • Custom rendering
  • Custom AJAX requests
  • Delayed filtering (min length)
  • Delayed filtering (time)
  • Filtering on click (multi-filter)
  • Filtering on click with an external form (multi-filter)
  • Data reloading (default & custom)

Running this sample

Using Apache Tomcat:

mvn tomcat7:run

Using Jetty:

mvn jetty:run

Using Docker (Tomcat 7):

docker run -p 9090:8080 dandelion/dt-tml-ajax

You can then access the sample here: http://localhost:9090/datatables-thymeleaf-ajax

Note that you can also access the H2 web server here: http://localhost:9091/. Just type jdbc:h2:mem:dataSource in the JDBC URL.


Please report it using the corresponding issue tracker:

The Dandelion team.

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