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Simple REST endpoint for automation testing with Docker
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Greeting webservice used for my automation tests. To run the container, use something like:

docker run -i -t --rm --name=GreetingService dangermike64/automation-webservice

You must give the container a name to expose the IP address to other containers.

To test that the container is running, assuming you are on the same machine as the conatiner, open a web browser and nvaigate to:


To get a JSON response, hit the greeting endpoint:


You can link this container to other containers. e.g.:

docker run -i -t --rm --link=GreetingService:GreetingEndpoint dangermike64/automation-test-ws gradle test

here we link to the name given to the greeting container (GreetingServer). GreetingEndpoint is host name add to the dangermike64/automation-test-ws containers etc/host file. (In this example, the container uses that endpoint to test the web service.)

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