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Limnoria IRC bot
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Run the IRC bot Limnoria in a Docker container.

How to Run

If you're familiar with Docker,
the process of running Limnoria is very straightforward.
If it is your first time running Limnoria,
run the following command to generate a .conf file
(it will be saved on the host machine at ~/bot-data,
change it you want to):

docker run -v ~/bot-data:/var/supybot/data --rm -it dangmai/limnoria

The bot will prompt you to create a .conf file for later usage.
Let's say the file you create is called limnoria.conf.
After the bot creation wizard has finished, you can run the bot by calling:

docker run -d -v ~/bot-data:/var/supybot/data --name limnoria dangmai/limnoria limnoria.conf

The container exposes /var/supybot/data as the directory in which all configurations exist.
Therefore, it is probably a good idea to mount that volume somewhere.
For example, to mount that to a data volume container:

docker create -v /var/supybot/data --name botdata tianon/true true
docker run --volumes-from botdata -t limnoria

After you do that, you can follow Docker's backup and restore guide
to make sure your data is safe.

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