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Source Code for SplitWizard website
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The source code for SplitWizard. This is the project I use to incorporate all the knowledge about modern Javascript that I learn so far, so there are bound to be issues. Feel free to fork and submit pull requests.

The project uses volo for front-end dependencies, and npm for Node dependencies (building and testing purposes).

The website requires no server-side language, so it is a matter of building and copy-pasting the files in www-built into some folder on your Apache server (so far, Apache is required because of the use of .htaccess for cache-bursting).
To build:

cd your_split_wizard_folder
npm install
npm install -g volo
volo build path_to_your_site_root

path_to_your_site_root is the path to wherever you will deploy the site, relative to Apache's DocumentRoot. For example, if your Apache's DocumentRoot is at /home/public_html/ and you want to deploy in the subdirectory splitwizard, do:

volo build /splitwizard/

After the build completes, move the everything in www-built to /home/public_html/splitwizard and the site should be working.

Tests are run using PhantomJS, so you must have it installed beforehand. To run tests:

cd your_split_wizard_folder
npm install
phantomjs node_modules/mocha-phantomjs/lib/ www/js/app/test/runner.html

Or if you rather run it a browser:

cd your_split_wizard_folder
npm install

Then browse to www/js/app/test/runner.html on your browser of choice.
Note: the test runner has to be served from a web server (tested on Apache, but should work on others), as the project depends on RequireJS's text module, which cannot be used from the file:// context.

Make sure to disable cache in your browser while developing.

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