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Run reveal.js slideshow with ease.
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Docker-reveal.js is a Docker image that let you run Reveal.js slideshows with ease.
It embeds Pandoc to quickly convert markdown text in reveal.js enabled html.


This image is available on the Docker Hub,
and it is automatically built each time an update is available, so the easiest way to get the image is to
rely on Docker.

$ sudo docker pull docker-reveal.js:latest

If for any reason, you prefer to build the image yourself, just clone this repository and build the image yourself.

$ git clone
$ cd docker-reveal.js
$ docker build -t "danidemi/docker-reveal.js:latest" .

Create Your Slideshow

  1. Create a directory in your filesystem where you'll author and run your reveal.js slideshow.

    $ mkdir <my_fancy_slideshow>
    $ cd <my_fancy_slideshow>

  2. Run a Docker container with this command.

    $ docker run -d -v $(pwd):/slides/ -p 8000:8000 "danidemi/docker-reveal.js:latest"

  3. Point your browser to

  4. Start editing your slideshow file.

    $ touch index.html

  5. If you prefer to edit your slideshow in markdown, create a file following the explanations presented in the pandoc manual.

    $ touch

  6. Let the pandoc installation included in the container to convert your .md file into a reveal.js enabled file.

    $ (sudo docker exec -i $dockerid /bin/sh -c "pandoc -t revealjs -s -o /slides/index.html") <

  7. Your changes are immediately visible in the browser.

  8. Happy presentation


Plese, feel free to open any issue you should have on the GitHub project page.


This Docker Image is based on the default Reveal.js installation.
Gruntfile.js, however defines two additional folders that are served through http, /slides and /pandoc.

  • /slides directory is meant to be used as a Docker volume, mapped to the folder on your host that contains the slideshow materials.
    This way, for instance, when you hit, the content that is actually served comes from /slides that in turn is mapped
    to your presentation directory on your host.

  • /pandoc directory is meant to provide .css and .js resources as expected by Pandoc produced files.

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