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Configurable Tomcat image which has been built by Ansible with the following roles:

  • Oracle JDK installation;
  • daniel-rhoades.tomcat: Runtime configurable installation of Tomcat.

The following options are available to you:

  • Any WARs placed in tomcat_system_home/distributions be copied to tomcat_catalina_base, inside a container these can arrive either by
    • Mounting tomcat_system_home/distributions to suitable directory on the host machine (containing the WARs);
    • Providing a URL to a single WAR via the WEBAPP_DISTRO_URL environment variable;
  • Any scripts in tomcat_catalina_base/environment will be executed before Tomcat starts (via

In the image tomcat_system_home defaults to /opt/cms.

Super quick start

  1. Install Vagrant;
  2. Clone this project;
  3. Within this project's directory run: vagrant up;
  4. Visit http://localhost:8080/simple-jsf-example to see Tomcat hosting an example JSF application.

Quick start

The Docker image is hosted on DockerHub

There are two ways you can provide your WAR files to Tomcat (see below), in both cases you can also place any environment scripts in a volume mounted to /opt/cms/environment, e.g. provide the following option to the Docker run command --volume /tmp/environment:/opt/cms/environment.

Map a host directory containing the WAR(s)

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 --volume /tmp/distributions:/opt/cms/distributions danielrhoades/tomcat-template

This will deploy any WARs placed in /tmp/distributions on the host (change the directory to anything you like).

Ask the container to download your WAR

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 -e WEBAPP_DISTRO_URL= danielrhoades/tomcat-template

This will download the file specified in the WEBAPP_DISTRO_URL environment variable and deploy it to Tomcat (change the URL to anything you like).

Building the image

This Docker image can be built by a standard Docker build command, there are no special options.

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