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Avahi mDNS container for docker hosts
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avahi container for docker

Docker host discovery using Avahi mDNS. This is useful when using docker machine or Docker for Mac with native/port-forwarding=false


docker run -d --name avahi-docker --net host --restart always -e AVAHI_HOST=docker danisla/avahi:latest

ping docker.local

Use docker.local to access the docker host.

Optional bash helper function:

function docker-avahi() {
  [[ -z $AVAHI_HOST ]] && echo "USAGE: docker-avahi <host name>" && return 1
  docker run -d --name avahi-${AVAHI_HOST} --net host --restart always -e AVAHI_HOST=${AVAHI_HOST} danisla/avahi:latest

Run using: docker-avahi docker to create the docker.local service.

Known issues

After restarting the docker host, the avahi container sometimes gets stuck in a restarting loop, kill and restart it to fix.

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