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Easily convert Markdown files to Atlassian Confluence markup language
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Run a Docker image to easily convert Markdown files to Atlassian Confluence markup language without the need to install Ruby, Gems, etc. I've personally found this to generate better Confluence markup vs the built in importer.

Basic Functionality

To see basic functionality, run without arguments:

docker run -it --rm danjellz/markdown2confluence


h1. Markdown2Confluence


HORRARY, It's working!


This is the built in test for danjellz/markdown2confluence, calling a file that you mounted on the Docker container.

* What list?

{{monospace text}}

echo "Hello!"

This is some Ruby code.

User.first.update(admin: true)

# Variables and expressions.
a = 10
b = 3 * a + 2
printf("%d %d\n", a, b);

# Type is dynamic.
b = "A string"
c = 'Another String'
print b + " and " + c + "\n"

h2. This is a nice heading

What a nice heading

Mounting & Parsing Your Markdown

To use a file in your current $(PWD), mount the volume and specify the file name:

docker run -it --rm -v $(PWD):/markdown danjellz/markdown2confluence



Creating an alias in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc files can make this command much shorter. Example:

alias md2con="docker run -it --rm -v `PWD`:/markdown danjellz/markdown2confluence"

Allowing you to run the following to parse a Markdown file in your current directory


Copy to clipboard

If on OSX, you can pipe the output to PBCopy to automatically copy the Confluence markup to your clipboard

docker run -it --rm -v $(PWD):/markdown danjellz/markdown2confluence | pbcopy


Uses the NPM package found here:

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository