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Development Environment

Commands to run the application locally

This will stand up a vagrant docker host and build/start the 2 docker containers needed to run the app.

$ git clone
$ cd conference_web
$ vagrant up --no-parallel

Connecting to the database from host machine

In order to allow this, you must destroy the Vagrant container so the appropriate ports are forwarded

  • Host: localhost
  • Port: 5432
  • username: postgres

Vagrant Startup with Database Only configured

If you do not want to run the web docker container, and instead would prefer to only startup the database container, then please follow the instructions below
After making these modifications, when you perform the vagrant commands (up, halt), it will only be for the db

  • Copy the vagrant_config.yml.template to vagrant_config.yml
  • adjust the "start-web" to be false
  • Run the application with the following and it will connect to postgres using the local information
    -- mvn clean install -PlocalDB && java -DconfAdminPassword=nimda -jar target/*.jar

Database commands

Here is a list of database commands that can be ran as maven


$ mvn liquibase:rollback -Dliquibase.rollbackTag=version_1.1

Please be sure to always add to the end of the liquibase scripts.

Command to do a maven build of the webapp after vagrant/docker is setup

By default, install is being used by our DockerFile during build. Right now it's rigged to point at a specific IP address in the vagrant machine, which isn't ideal. But hey, it works for now.

To run stuff locally and hit the postgres container in vagrant, use the 'travis' profile that has a config setup to hit localhost.

$ mvn clean install -Ptravis

Available API

Here is a list of the available apis in the system

  • /api/conference - will retrieve all conferences
  • /api/conference/{id} - will retrieve conference by id
  • /api/conference/{id}/conferenceSessions - will retrieve the sessions by conference id
  • /api/conferenceSession - will retrieve all conference sessions
  • /api/conferenceSession/{id} - will retrieve conference session by id
  • /api/presenter - will retrieve all presenters
  • /api/presenter/{id} - will retrieve presenter by id
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