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**NOTE: this is work in progress** Ubuntu server image for headless Meteor integration testing
Full Description

Ubuntu server 16.04 image loaded with:

  • Java 1.8.0_111
  • xvfb 2:1.18.3-1ubuntu2
  • x11vnc 0.9.13
  • git 2.7.4
  • Google Chrome 54.0.2840.100
  • MongoDB tools 3.2.10
  • Node 4.x
  • Meteor

There is a meteor user created with /home/meteor/.meteor downloaded and installed.

Example of another Dockerfile using this image:

FROM dannyanko/meteor-headless-testing:latest

# Create the working directory
RUN mkdir /home/meteor/<your-meteor-app>
WORKDIR /home/meteor/<your-meteor-app>

# Add project files
ADD . .

# The unfortunate change owner
RUN chown -R meteor:meteor /home/meteor/<your-meteor-app>

# become non-privledged user
USER meteor

ENV export DISPLAY=:99.0
RUN Xvfb :99 -screen 0 1600x1200x16 &

# Install npm dependencies
RUN meteor npm install

CMD ['meteor', 'test']
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